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Scissor lift machine use method and matters needing attention

9/11/2015 2:29:20 PM      view£º1853

1, use method and matters needing attention

(1), before starting work, machine around and at the bottom of the obstacles

(2), lift, lift the body machine below the area and on the machine and the vehicle on the platform cant someone

(3), and could not lift more than the unit lifting capacity range of the vehicle or other goods

(4), lifting, MATS pads at the bottom of the vehicle chassis

(5), observe for body in the process of lifting machine platform is synchronous, found abnormal, timely stop, check and troubleshoot rear can put into use

(6), drop operation, lifting platform rise a little first, observe whether between two insurance claw and insurance tooth completely release, otherwise stop falling

(7), machine or overnight was not due for a long time, the platform should be dropped to its lowest position, and drive away cars, cut off power supply.

2, the lifting machine maintenance

(1), shall be made by operation personnel training

(2), the machine all the hinge axis, use machine oil can add oil once a week

(3), insurance rack and the slide block on the moving parts, such as adding grease once a month

(4), change every year hydraulic oil, oil level should keep the ceiling for a long time.


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