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Lifting machine daily use method and matters needing attention

9/11/2015 1:56:13 PM      view£º1822

Lifting machine in vehicle maintenance and repair maintenance plays an important role, whether the vehicle overhaul, or minor repairs and maintenance, cannot leave it, its product properties, quality directly affects the personal safety of maintenance personnel. In different scale maintenance maintenance in the enterprise, whether it is a variety of models of comprehensive maintenance repair shop, or the business scope of a single tire store, almost all equipped with lifting machine. Here collect the use of various types of lifting machine and matters needing attention for your reference:

1, the operation requirements:

A, should try to shrink to a minimum length of the lifting arm, lifting pads should be placed on the vehicle recommend lifting parts department in the following, and adjust the lifting pads in order to contact.

B, the lifting arm to reach the lifting pads vehicle entirely, check whether has been firmly load.

C, the vehicle slowly rising from the ground to ensure balanced load, lifting to the required height.

D, open up button, will reduce vehicle to safety insurance position, for repair work.

E, put down the vehicle lifting vehicles, should be taken before open the safety insurance, press down the button again to make vehicles slow decline until returned to the lifting arm at a minimum, remove the lifting arm, out of the vehicle.


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