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How to deal with high pressure cleaner water pressure is very low?

9/11/2015 1:56:51 PM      view£º1712

The use of the problem is that most often present in high pressure cleaner water pressure is very low or no, such a case, failure to timely maintenance equipment. About the causes of deficiency of high pressure cleaner, water pressure and processing methods:

A severe wear, high pressure cleaner, high pressure nozzle, high pressure spray nozzle wear too much will affect the discharge pressure of equipment, should be timely to replace the nozzle.

Second, insufficient access device of feed water flow lead to water flow, thus the output pressure is insufficient. Shall promptly supply enough water flow, can solve the problem of water pressure to reduce.

Three, high pressure cleaner clean water there is air filters, should be no do after clean water filters in the air, to ensure that the output standard of water pressure.

Three aging, high pressure cleaner, relief valve, water flush large flow, low pressure, when found its aging will be timely replacement.

Four, high pressure cleaner, high and low pressure water seal and lead to job stress in and out of the water valve leakage phenomenon become low, should be timely replacement of these parts.

Five, high-pressure pipe, filtering device kink, bending or damage, lead to the water circulation, leading to insufficient water pressure, should be timely repair.

Six, high-pressure pump internal failure, wearing parts wear and tear, water flow; Equipment internal pipeline jam, water flow is too small, which leads to the working pressure is too low.

The advantages of high pressure water pressure is too small or no pressure, will directly affect the cleaning effect and quality of the equipment. The pressure after fault, need to timely troubleshooting and processing, to ensure the cleaning work is not affected.


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