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Girder calibrator safety operation procedures

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A: into the workspace should wear take overalls, gloves, are not allowed to wear slippers, high heels to enter.

Second, the examination before operation

1 before operation, the equipment should be cleaning up, platform and around not pile up sundry, tidy oil, trachea, prevent operation extrusion line;

2, check the oil, tracheal road connection is good, the joint line to see if there is any breakage, failed to timely replacement, if any, is strictly prohibited to use;

3, check whether pillar scroll wheel fixed bolt looseness, must tighten in time, lest pillar slide personnel items damage;

Three, up and down vehicles operation procedures

1, platform, lifting equipment attachments is strictly prohibited standing people, vehicles and must be someone to guide, vehicles should be parked at the location platform;

Should be smooth operation, 2, platform, lifting platform, and throttle valve wheel oil cylinder, the forbidden open pump drain valve;

3, take-off and landing platform, pillar fixed at the end of a platform, to prevent sliding; Secondary lifting placed at the side of the leg near the activity;

4, the vehicle on the platform to tighten the parking brake, before and after the tire with triangular wood mat;

5, platform leg locking pin must be locked after platform rises;

Four, vehicle fixed operation procedures

1, clamp before clamping jaw examination, should be no oil pollution, sundry

2, the checking fixture parts deformation, crack, must be replaced, if any, to prevent the stress fracture after flying out of hurt;

, 3, the main fixture fixed bolt fastening bolt to fully tighten

Five, the measurement procedures

1, the measuring tool to should take put down gently, do not collide, in case of measuring the deformation, damage;

2, measuring, reading eyes parallel to reading part, reduce the reading error;

3, measurement and measuring tool should immediately back into the van there;

After 4, measuring fixed, connecting screw loose, tighten again dont force is too large;

Six, stretching operation procedures

1, stretching before operation, check the chain, metal tools, the TAB is complete, no damage, cracks, big scratches can use;

2, stretching the pillar to tighten, tighten bolt guide ring height should not exceed the alert red line;

3, check the chain, locking mechanism, chain cannot distort, all link on a straight line; Guide ring the handwheel turned on;

4, drawing attention to tensile force does not exceed rated load tools;

5 dont rap sheet metal tools, stretching and chain;

6, stretching, relevant staff dont stress direction with the chain on the same straight line;

7, when the tensile force is larger, should be at the side of the pulling force in the opposite direction with the chain will be fixed to the vehicle platform;

Seven, after using equipment, cleaning up, the article such as sheet metal tools, measuring tool, jig, to wipe clean orderly on the tool after the car.


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