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China's automobile maintenance market analysis

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Car beauty introduced into China in referring to almost all of the car service at the beginning of the project, with the continuous development of auto after market service industry and evolution of todays content has been subdivided into car beauty contains mainly includes: car wash the car beauty, car wax (, closure glaze, coating, plating crystal), car interior care (chamber cleaning, chamber sauna, Ben disinfection) car renovation other parts (engine renovation renovation, the wheel hub renovation, headlight, xiangsu a renovation, etc). Auto boutique, car decoration and car beauty project.

"Car beauty" in western countries is called "car maintenance care", professional automotive beauty should use the high quality maintenance products, auto parts material for targeted maintenance, beauty, and refurbished. These products is to use high-tech means and superior chemical raw materials, it can not only make the car look brand-new but more can let the old car a thorough renovation, and can keep bright luster. Make cars after a professional beauty appearance pure bright as new, paint light to keep for a long time, effectively extend the life of the car.

In addition, more professional automotive beauty is through the use of advanced equipment and hundreds of articles, after dozens of working procedure, from the body, the car chamber (carpets, leather, velvet, instrumentation, acoustics, ceiling, hot and cold draught, gear area of high pressure of welcome vacuum glazing), engine (free disassembly cleaning), tire rims, chassis, bumper, such as oil circuit for vehicle handling, make old cars and keep for a long time, and the deep scratches can be quick fixes.

With the growth of our country residents income level, motorists will pay more attention to the enjoyment of car culture. Urban residents in our country has started from the car to enjoy the car culture age, much of the town residents are into the era of automobile consumption, car is no longer the symbol of the identity and status, to become consumers personalized, diversified cultural orientation.

Cars entering the family on a large scale for the car beauty maintenance industry open up a broader market. Car maintenance industry market survey analysis, our country more than 60% of the premium car owners have to private vehicle for external beauty maintenance habit; More than 30% of the lower people cheap car owners are formed to make car beauty maintenance concept; More than 30% of the common external beauty premium car also regularly maintenance; More than 50% of car owners would like to master the basic technology of auto beauty and maintenance in his place. It is not hard to see, car beauty industry in our country has a huge market space for development.

According to European and American countries, in a fully fledged international automobile market, car sales profit in the whole industry accounts for only 20%, the constituents of the parts supply profits accounted for 20%, and 50% - 60% of the profits are generated from car service, U.S. auto service industry turnover has exceeded vehicle sales, among them, a car beauty industry output value alone has more than $350 billion.

The rapid development of the automotive beauty in China and some that are already very mature business model, made in the past two years the consumer consumption idea gradually mature, for example, the coating has already become the most attention topic car beauty, its content including organic silicon coating, glass fiber coating, physical coating, electrophoretic coating. From simple washing - wax - closure glaze, coating, domestic car beauty industry into a rising stage, due to huge market in the car beauty maintenance industry to attract businesses to enter, so as to promote the advance of the whole market.

Domestic car beauty industry has gone through a start stage, car beauty appears before the project diversification, the trend of high-end, therefore, have enterprise introduced the concept of "star beauty". High technology content of car beauty make faster car beauty industry development in the future, beauty project updates, hairdressing technology escalating has become a very important subject.

According to the wto commitment, allowing foreign investment in domestic automobile service trade in our country, so foreign car beauty service chain agencies have sprung up in China, foreign car beauty companies have products on the Chinese market, opened chain stores across the country, and has produced an army of automotive beauty, increase year by year, workers car beauty industry presents a boom.

Cake car beauty market in China is big, but the market is very competitive. According to the survey, the present situation of the car beauty maintenance industry is not mature consumers know, enterprise management is not standard, lack of professional talents and industry top, etc. The vast majority of high street stores congenital lack of scientific management, technical support and regular supply channels.


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