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Basic car maintenance knowledge

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Vehicle maintenance mainly have two aspects, one is the force provided by the pit for your maintenance. On the other hand is the owner of some of the daily maintenance for yourself. Normal maintenance of the vehicle is related to the service life of the vehicle and the driver the passengers safety. If maintenance or use undeserved cause vehicle failure, bring safe hidden trouble. Besides to our repair station for maintenance on time, oneself also should do the daily maintenance work, which are beneficial to the "health" of the vehicle. Driving the car a good state, thanks to careful daily maintenance.

Car after you first carefully to read the accessory with the guarantee of product quality "and" operating instructions ", in the operation instruction handbook "detailed considerations and maintenance method is used, you should read carefully and follow it, to ensure that the use of the vehicle is in good condition. Introduce the vehicle maintenance of common sense, the hope can give you some help.

Car maintenance

Car paint maintenance of common sense is very complicated. Although the paint looks smooth, but has a small concave surface and holes, new car advice to do a closure glaze or coating process. Under normal circumstances, the coating than seal glair time longer, gloss effect in about 3 months to half a year, coating in more than six months, suggest that after a certain time is needed for the second time closure glaze or coating. Wash the regular project is polishing and waxing. But the two on the premise of coating or sealing glair do, because always waxing and polishing, the paint thickness on consumption, gradually make the car paint thinner, lose luster, a tiny scratches.

Automobile paint maintenance also has a lot of daily needs attention. First, avoid any directly with duster or dry cloth to wipe paint, water sweep away the dirt of car surface dirt, with a clean cloth to wipe clean water, avoid by all means to air dry after flushing. Second, consideration should be given to avoid long sunlight when parking, especially white and non metallic paint. Third, decrease The Times of washing and try not to do car waxing polishing. Fourth, pay attention to corrosion things such as bird droppings keep clear of in time. Fifth, attention to reduce the corrosion in the larger area, such as the sea, and over the pavement of snow melt agent, a new layer of asphalt, etc. Sixth, after summer running high speed should be timely clean the front of the vehicle on the road hit the dead insects, if not timely cleaning can be in a short period of time within the vehicle surface corrosion.

Automobile tire maintenance

Automobile tires, steel ring is the most easy to dirty parts. So, for the maintenance of the tire is also very important key. Before washing the tyres, to prepare a longer brush handle, if the tyre is not too dirty, in general use detergent to wash. Unless you really have too much dirt, it may be about to buy a professional cleaner.

Brush cannot be used in chrome plated mirror processed rims, leaves the obvious scar. Chrome plated wheel generally use a sponge, wash the small place to consider with the brush. As long as the tyres and below the knee clean, the whole fiber car looks become bright

Automobile interior maintenance

Many owners of vehicles for regular maintenance, appearance and important part of maintenance is always special caution, occasionally will ignore the cars cleanliness. Carpet, inside door plank underside whiffleboy shoes, instrument desk and ceiling of the misty dust, even if will do clean at ordinary times, but still need to go to 4 s shop for maintenance regularly. All the car wash: in strict accordance with the dusting and cleaning and maintenance trilogy on the instrument panel, roof, after the cylinder inside the platform, chairs, velvet, door plank, etc. A thorough cleaning and comprehensive maintenance. Leather protection: a complete set of leather care tools, choose different tool according to different parts. Steam sterilization: professional steam sterilization for the car air conditioning and air outlet, seats, velvet and so on to conduct a comprehensive high temperature sterilization. Instrument panel: to clean the brushes are available, and a day to instrument desk, air conditioning air inlet brushs mop, switches, buttons and so on, after cleaning, can spray a layer of wax table board. Ceiling: available dust cleaner dust removal. Seat: the seat of the maintenance, the first is on the seat cover cloth, chair cover, the second is to avoid food or liquid spilled on the seats, the third is to avoid scratching the leather surface. The fourth is on a regular basis with leather cleaners and maintenance agent for cleaning and maintenance. To wool cloth with soft nap, at ordinary times is in the upper floor MATS, convenient for daily cleaning.

Automobile feature maintenance

A, engine oil quantity check

The vehicle parking on the level of the road. If travel pull rod inspection engine oil quantity, sleek in (F) and (L) within two lines, belong to the normal range, if less than (L). Should be added to specify the type of oil, the oil liquid surface after cannot be higher than (F).

Second, the engine coolant liquid surface inspection

Engine in the state of heat engine, do not open the radiator cover, otherwise it may be spatter of coolant or high temperature steam burns. After cooling the engine, check the coolant level should be in full and low, otherwise should add distilled water or pure water (cant add mineral water) or freezing liquid, add water after liquid level height cant more than. Such as found in a short period of time of cooling fluid to reduce soon, should check the cooling system for leaks or to pit to check.

Three, on the surface of the brake fluid examination

Brake also indicates normal between high and low. If the brake fluid close to lower limit or below the lower limit of the said system there may be leaking or brake shoe wear too much, should be timely to service station for maintenance.

When adding the brake fluid, should pay attention to add the same type of brake fluid, prevent damage cup, pay attention to protect good finish paint to prevent corrosion.

Fourth, clutch check total pump the liquid surface

Clutch liquid level between high and low liquid level is normal, if lower than standard, may be the total damage of pump or pump cup. Will appear under the engine running state shift is difficult or unable to shift phenomenon, please immediately to the nearest depot repair.

Five, the battery maintenance inspection

Check to see if the battery is fixed firmly, electrolyte should be between the upper and lower limits, should be timely close to logoff adding electrolyte or distilled water to the high line. Keep the battery positive and negative cable contact is good, and keep the battery clean and dry. Placed vehicles for a longer time to remove the batterys positive negative cable, within half a month or so about 20 minutes after rewiring of starting the engine, if the capacity is obviously insufficient to recharge in time.

Sixth, the check of the tire

Every month should check the tire pressure at room temperature, if below the normal standard should be timely supplement the tire pressure. Pressure can not be too high or too low, otherwise affect the safety of driving.

Monitor the crack of the tyre, pose a safety hazard should be timely replacement tires.

When choosing the tyres, should make the model of consistent.

Seven, check belt

When starting the engine or driving at ordinary times, belt hair ring, a kind of situation is caused by belt for a long time didnt check, according to the normal standard adjustment. Another case is the belt aging, need to change.

Eight, inspection of the air cleaner

Air filter dirty will cause engine working poor, oil consumption is too large, damage to the engine, check the air filter, if found less dust, congestion is lighter, can use high pressure air from blowing off outside introversion, continue to use. A dirty air filter should be replaced in a timely manner. Dongguan motor repair equipment

Nine, the inspection of the spark plug

Normal spark plug ceramic insulation in good condition. Without fracture leakage phenomenon, the spark plug gap 0.8 + 0.0 mm discharge, spark is blue, the stronger. Need to adjust the clearance if found abnormal or replace the spark plugs.

Ten, check the fuel filter

If discover oil supply should check whether the fuel filter is blocked, such as foreign bodies blocked, it should be replaced in a timely manner.


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